Planting Sod in the Winter

The upside of planting sod in the winter is that you get a jump on establishing your lawn and also using less water.

Tahoma 31

Tahoma 31 derives its name from ‘Tahome”, the Lushootseed word, a Native American language, which means frozen water, this variety shows 75% more cold…

Breath easy with your lawn

Natural lawns provide many benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Studies have found that natural turf has several positive impact on the environment and our…

Winter pruning guide

Pruning your deciduous trees and shrubs should be a part of routine maintenance.

Side yard solutions

The side yard can be used to display a different garden style, lead you to another outdoor space or just compliment the rest of…

Installing a new lawn

The more time you spend reviewing your options and preparing the area, the more successful you’ll be when it comes down to installing a…

Colorful foliage plants

Flowers aren’t the only way to add color and texture to your landscape or containers. Foliage plants bring another element of design with their…

How to make natural weed killer

There are a number of options for clearing weeds from your flowerbeds and pathways, but maybe you want to avoid harsh chemicals in favor…

Turn Your Patio into a Tropical Oasis

Plan the arrangement of the crops, choosing the vegetables to grow and the size of the garden before you start planting anything.

Edging Ideas for Every Garden

Edging gives your landscape a clean, finished look with minimal effort. It defines a space while keeping mulch in and grass out

Tips to add more curb appeal

Preparing to sell your home can be a daunting task but these tips help you focus on some details that make all the difference.