Tips to add more curb appeal

Preparing to sell your home can be a daunting task for any homeownerThere are so many things to consider like a freshening up the paint in the living room, removing the clutter around the house, cleaning, and then cleaning some moreBut what about the front yardDid that make the listA few simple upgrades and a little elbow grease will have you reaping the benefits of your home’s value. 

Freshen things up!

This could mean painting your front door or the entire house if you have the means and the motivationLook for spots where the paint is chipping or peeling and touch it up. If paint is not an option or needed, you may just need to get in there and do some cleaning. Pressure washing siding, pathways and even the driveway will help make a great first impression.

Sort it out

Organize and arrange your things in a pleasing mannerProperly spaced decorative pots look sharp and intentionalA cubby to hide away your garbage cans and recycling binsHide or camouflage utility boxes or septic pipes with screens, birdbaths, or a fountain.

Spruce up the landscape

Remove any dead or unsightly shrubs or trees. If they can be saved with a little pruning, get on itPull weeds and make sure the beds are looking tidy with a fresh layer of mulchIf you have rocks in your landscape, you may need to add more to ensure nice even coverage. Maintain a fresh cut lawn with sharp edges and minimal weedsFeed and water to keep it looking lush and inviting. 

Add some glam

Replace old fixtures that have seen better daysMetallic hardware or fixtures, like address numbers, lighting or doorknobs are easy items to upgrade or enhance your outdoor space. Don’t sleep on that mailbox either.

Color your world

Add splashes of color to catch the attention of potential buyers. What better way to frame up that mailbox than with a fresh planting of flowers or vibrant foliageAdd hanging baskets to your front porch or decorative planters on the patioWe mentioned painting that front door earlierWhy not go with a bold colorNothing too crazy but something that makes your house stand out from the others on the marketBright cushions and pillows on furniture is easy to add and switch out for the seasons as well. 

Find time to make some basic improvements. You’ll see a return on your investment with the effort made into making the outside shine as bright as the inside.