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Selling Your Home? Let’s Check Your Curb Appeal

Buyers look at many aspects of a home before making an offer- just as you did when you bought the home you are now reselling. It’s time to step back and take a good look at your entire property from across the street. “Curb Appeal” means not only new paint and windows but includes your…

Dad and Son mowing their lawn

Be Careful Out There! Beware of Lawn Mower Dangers this Summer

Summer is here and so is the desire to have a beautiful lawn to make backyard play and entertaining more enjoyable. A crucial part of maintaining that gorgeous lawn is watering the grass properly according to the type of grass and also for cutting the grass to the proper height for root protection. About that…

Sod Plug in child's hand

Rain or Pain: Selecting the Most Tolerant Sod for Your Climate

Your climate says a lot more about your grass than you think. While most grasses are classified into “cool season” (better for Northern climates) or “warm season” (better for Southern gardens) there are many other factors that can effect the growth including seasonal conditions and sun tolerance. It all starts with knowing your zone to…

Sod Stack in Field

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Sod

Laying sod is not only the quickest way to a lush green lawn, but it’s also the easiest way. While prepping your yard and laying sod can take the better part of a weekend, it beats waiting weeks, or even months, for grass to grow from seed. That being said, there are a few things…

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