Side yard solutions

Often times the side yard doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It can be used to display a different garden style, lead you to another outdoor space or just compliment the rest of your landscape for added curb appeal.

First on the agenda is to take inventory of your space. Is there anything there that you want to keep like a prized Japanese Maple, or perhaps remove, such as a poorly performing shrub? Clear the area so you have a blank slate to work on. Determine the sun the area receives, as well as watering and drainage. Are there windows that you’ll be peeking out of to admire your soon-to-be fabulous garden? Once you’ve taken in all the considerations for the project, it is time to get started.

Plants can be transferred from other locations around your home for a cohesive look or purchase new one. Dress up your side yard with decorative mulch or stone once the plants are in place.

Below are suggestions for solving that side yard situation:

Arbors or gates

They act as an invitation to the side yard. Chose an arbor that compliments the house color or style or a gate that blends in with the existing fencing. Plant around it or train a flowering vine to grow over it. Think Secret Garden.

Decorative containers

An easy-care solution for a side yard that needs some TLC. You can line them along a pathway to add definition. You can also group several containers of varying sizes to create a space or focal point. Hooks can be used to adorn a privacy fence with containers or to hang baskets or bird feeders.

Add a bench or hammock

Kick back and relax, create a little oasis all to yourself by adding fragrant flowers and foliage like lavender and chamomile. Another idea is to build a raised garden bed with integrated seating. Grow herbs and vegetables that encourage you visit the side yard more often.

Lighting leads the way

Enjoy the space at dusk into the evening hours. There are many options to choose from including lights that are flush with the ground, staked lanterns or fancy lights that change colors or sway in night.

Create a pathway

Stepping stones, pavers or other materials like gravel or mulch can be positioned to create a pathway are perfect for directing movement from the front to the back. Create a small patio for a garden table and chairs for morning coffee and mediation.

Incorporate a water feature

A fountain crafted from decorative pots or a bird bath with a bubbler to invite your feathered friends over.