Colorful foliage plants

Flowers aren’t the only way to add color and texture to your landscape or containers. Foliage plants bring another element of design with their vibrant colors, distinct patterns, leaf shapes and textures. Adding these gems to your flower beds, container gardens or hanging baskets will enhance and compliment any setting with minimal effort.

Perennial foliage plants provide interest and structure to spaces when other perennials and annuals have finished blooming.

Using foliage plants can also define a space. Low growing choices can be planted in the front of beds to create a border. Tall ornamental grasses can act as a foundation planting while adding year-round color and texture with leaves and wispy plumes. Groundcovers offer an alternative to grass for smaller spaces or where you prefer to have a more naturalized look.


Mounds of colorful foliage used in borders and containers. Crinkled or ruffled leaves add texture too! Pairs wonderfully with another foliage favorite, the Hosta. Think creatively and add one of these to a mixed annual combination planting. Their fabulous foliage comes in a wide range of colors from chartreuse to silver, black to deep red, orange to marron and often showing off an ombre or lustrous effect.

Ornamental grasses

These texture-rich beauties vary in size, shape and color and make a fantastic addition to the landscape. Many varieties are used for their height, serving as a backdrop for flowering perennials and shrubs. As the season winds down, these taller varieties of grass continue to stand tall and strong throughout the cooler seasons. You can also find grasses that are loved for just the contrast they provide with their assorted colors, stripes, or variegated leaf patterns. Ornamental grasses can be utilized in containers as well.


An ever-growing category of annual with a vast array of colors, leaf shapes and habits. Compliments any flowering combination or can stand on its own as a specimen or for an added splash of color. Traditionally used in shade gardens, new varieties have been found to tolerate sun, making the possibilities for this one unlimited.

Licorice plant

A robust grower with silvery white foliage that is ideal for containers. Easy to grow and proven performance make this velvety soft selection a must have for any planter near you.


Slender, sword-like foliage ranging in color from green to yellow to deep red. Perfect for large containers on the patio or in the ground as a pop of color or added height.
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Tricolor sage

A trio of purple, green and white add color and contrast. Pair with flowering annuals or other herbs for a pop of color. The distinct aroma is something to consider when choosing this plant as it may not be for everyone.

Sweet potato vine

Spilling over container edges or covering a lot of ground, you’ll find this annual perfect for adding color quickly! Often used as an accent in hanging baskets and containers, Sweet Potato Vine can be found in a wide range of colors and leaf shapes. This vigorous grower will not disappoint. Compliment any planting with this vigorous grower. Look for more compact varieties for areas with limited space like a patio planter or balcony setting. Can also be grown vertically on a trellis!


The quintessential shade perennial and can be the focal point of your shade garden. Grown for their foliage, these easy to grow plants come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Use the more petite selections for lining your shaded cottage walkway and the larger ones to make an enormous impact in the landscape.