Turn Your Patio into a Tropical Oasis

One of the many appeals of sneaking away to a tropical location is finding yourself in all the lush surroundings. The green leaves and bold colorful blooms induce a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else, or can you? Creating your own piece of paradise on the patio is possible with a the right plants to induce all the good vacation-like vibes.

Start with choosing some foliage plants to get more a rainforest feel going on. Large leaved plants will add height to the background of your patio or any outdoor setting. You can plant them in existing flower beds or pot them up in containers that fit the mood and look you’re aiming for.

Once you’ve found the foliage plants that dream vacations are made of, it’s time to sprinkle in some flowers for their flair and fragrance. Find flowers that compliment or contrast the colors of your foliage plants. You can create a lush garden setting or style your plants into a combination planting in one or several containers.

Below are some suggestions to get you headed in the right direction for turning your patio into a tropical oasis. When picking your plants, keep basic care in mind such as how much light and water your plants will need as well as hardiness. Consider growing in the ground and containers but don’t stop there. Hang baskets, create a vertical garden to define a space or add trellis or other climbing support for plants with a vining habit.



Banana tree

New Guinea impatiens

Palm trees


Pineapple Lily

Calla Lily



Bird of paradise



Passion flower

Ornamental grass




*Indicates great for shade selections

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