How to make natural weed killer

There are a number of options for clearing weeds from your flowerbeds and pathways. Hand pulling is tedious but gets rid of the problem without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. Using a store-bought weed killer is convenient but may weigh heavy on one’s heart and conscience. So, what now? Well, sounds like its time make your own weed killer at home with easily sourced ingredients. Not only is it safer for the environment and easier on your wallet, but it is also a cinch to make and apply.

What you need:

Pump sprayer or spray bottle

One gallon of white vinegar

One cup table salt

One tablespoon of liquid dish soap

How to make it: Combine the vinegar and salt, stirring until the salt is dissolved. Add the soap and make sure it is mixed thoroughly before applying.

What to know: If using a pump sprayer, you can combine ingredients directly in the container. If you are using a smaller spray bottle, mix in a five-gallon bucket and transfer to your bottle with a funnel.

How it works: This simple yet effective concoction works by drying out the weeds. The vinegar and salt act as desiccants to draw moisture out of the leaves. The soap helps the vinegar and salt adhere to the leaf surface.

What precautions to take: This solution doesn’t play favorites. It can damage or kill most plants, so take proper precautions to avoid spraying desirable plants or surrounding soil surfaces. Store leftover solution in a properly labeled and sealed container in a cool dry location.