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Starting with a standard soil test You’ll learn what you’re going to be working with and what type of grass will be best suited for the soil in your area. Check out your local extension office to help you with a soil sample. You’ll get results and recommendations to get started out on the right…

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Curb appeal killers

The value of your home is influenced by many factors. One being the overall attractiveness of the exterior also known as curb appeal.

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TifTuf grass


Bermuda is a resilient grass variety, designed for an active outdoor living. This grass is perfect for recreational activities with family and friends. Bermuda’s roots reach deep into the soil to provide a dense, thick carpet that blankets your lawn that withstands daily wear and tear.

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Harmony Zoysia Sod


Zoysia offers a thick blanket of deep green with great performance and beauty, providing plush carpet of densely packed blades. Especially created for family outings and backyard picnics, this grass welcomes a variety of activities without showing extensive wear and tear.

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St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a grass that can blanket your yard or a versatile option for commercial use. It tolerates heat, humidity and a tolerance for partial shade. It establishes quickly and easily with a grass that is a broad blade and medium-green in color.

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