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Three signs that it might be time to “remodel” your lawn

Is your lawn due for a makeover? Perhaps your grass isn’t as green as it once was. Or each year brings more weeds and diseases than the last. Just as a tired kitchen or bathroom can sometimes use a total remodel, your lawn may also need a fresh start. Here are three signs that it’s […]

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How to grow a lush, green & healthy lawn

Lush, green lawns can make you feel like a carefree kid again. They make it so tempting to take off your shoes and run barefoot! With a little extra attention, your turf can be practically luxurious. Here are some basics. Watering tips Know your soil type. Is it loamy? Sandy? Clay? This will help determine […]


The Advantages of Sodding vs. Seeding Your Lawn

When it’s time to establish a new lawn, is it better to plant grass seed or lay fresh sod? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons to consider before making your choice. Seeding Advantages: A wide selection of species available. Less initial expense than sodding or plugging. Stronger initial root […]


Got cabin fever? Now’s the time to prepare your lawn for spring.

Once the sunny weather finally arrives, you’ll want your lawn to be ready for outdoor family fun. Getting to that point is actually pretty simple. Here are the basics. Get rid of the wet stuff. Clear out dead grass and leaves, twigs and any other debris that has been hiding beneath the snow, or accumulated […]