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These simple fall lawn care steps will reward you next spring

Late August/early September is the best time to prepare your yard for spring. These easy steps will also give you and your family a good excuse to be outdoors enjoying the cool, crisp weather. Make sure your soil is fertile. Most home improvement centers carry soil tests. Adding amendments now will help your fertilizer work well…

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Planning the perfect Labor Day outdoor party

Labor Day weekend is summer’s last hurrah. Celebrate the end of the season with an easy outdoor party, where the emphasis is on fun instead of fuss. Here are some simple ideas for a memorable Labor Day party.   Spruce up your yard: Major projects can wait. Just give your outdoor space a quick pick-me…


Understanding the differences between warm-season and cool-season grasses

Lawn care advice often distinguishes between warm-season and cool-season grasses, with each group being named after its best growing season. Warm-season grasses thrive in high temperatures; cool-season grasses love cooler weather. There are several turf varieties within each group, so you have plenty of options depending on where you live, where you need sod and…

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Preparing your lawn for summer heat waves

Dealing with the dog days of summer The calendar may say August, but for your lawn the sultry dog days of summer are just getting started. Here are four tips for help your turf withstand the hottest days of the year. Start mowing your lawn a little higher. Longer grass blades help to shade the…