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Hand of man pushing lawnmower

Steps for bringing your lawnmower out of hibernation

Growing season is just weeks away. Before you know it, it will be time to cut your grass again. Your lawnmower is your workhorse. Giving it a little preventive care will improve its lifespan and performance. Plus, you don’t want to be “that neighbor” whose lawn grows embarrassingly high because your mower is in the…

Man with gloves is cutting branches from tree

Learn to prune like a pro

February is the best time to prune most shrubs and trees. Selectively removing dead, diseased or damaged branches and shoots now will give you healthier plants in the spring. Pruning also enables you to shape trees and plants for safety and aesthetic reasons. It’s like giving your plants a gym membership   Pruning benefits plants’…

Rolled sod

On your mark, get set … GROW!

If installing new turf grass is on your 2016 gardening agenda, it’s smart to get a head start. Proper site and soil preparation, before you do any planting, will make it easier for new grass to establish itself. You’ll get a healthier, more trouble-free lawn. Don’t procrastinate until spring when the urge to see “instant green”…

Front elevation large single family home

Get started early for a beautiful lawn

This winter has been anything but normal. While some of us are clearing away damage from heavy rains and floods, others are already seeing weeds popping up due to unusually warm temperatures. Here are a few things you can do in the next few weeks to have a beautiful lawn and yard during the growing…