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Tree in golf course

Transform your yard into a healthy ecosystem

Nurturing your outdoor space does more than create a pleasant family environment. It also helps maintain the health of our planet. Everything from beneficial insects to birds, butterflies and other wildlife depends on one another. Your turf plays an important part in this healthy ecosystem. Plus, staying in sync with nature will actually make gardening…

Father and son on tractor mower

More lazy lawn care tips: Mulch ado about … almost nothing!

Here’s a way to save your back and be kinder to the planet: Leave your leaves alone. Instead of raking, one of the newest lawn care trends is to mulch leaves in place. The decomposing fragments will nourish your lawn over the winter, giving you a greener yard in the spring. Just imagine: All that…

Woman wearing spiked lawn revitalizing aerating shoes, gardening

Three signs it may be time to aerate your lawn

All that walking and playing on your lawn can compact the soil, forcing out the air. If your turf has become so dense that the roots are starved for nourishment, it may be time to give it some breathing room by aerating your lawn. Aeration is when you punch holes all over your lawn, or…

Fall leaves with rake

Adventures in Leaf Raking

All of those leaves are all going to hit the ground eventually. It happens every fall. Here are some ideas that we like to call: The lazy person’s guide to leaf raking. Feel free to use any or all of these tips. They are in no particular order. Start by clearing the smallest area necessary.…