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Your 12-month guide to the easiest lawn care ever

Yes, you can proudly have the best-looking lawn on the block without being a slave to a lot of extra maintenance. The secret is to stay one or two steps ahead of typical problems, such as weeds, bugs and malfunctioning equipment. The best news: Some of our tips don’t require a minute more of your […]


New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Lawn

Six Easy Steps for Maintaining a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Lawn care doesn’t have to be complicated. By selecting premium Harmony Turfgrass, you’ve already simplified the process. This year, spend more of your time enjoying your yard and less time maintaining it. Warm Season Grass Resolutions I WILL keep my lawn free of leaves, pine […]

Watering lawn

Watering Tips for New Sod and Established Lawns

Could your lawn be actually drowning? While most of us are concerned about not watering our lawns enough, more lawns are damaged or destroyed by over-watering than under-watering. The right amount of water will determine your lawn’s overall health, beauty, and ability to withstand use and drought. Here are some of our best watering tips […]


Armyworms in Lawns

Advice From Buck’s Backyard How to Identify and Control This Aggressive Pest Just the name – Armyworms – makes you think of a bunch of creatures in formation marching and chomping your lawn and plants. It’s not far from the truth! They are called Army worms for a reason. When they are finished in one […]