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Blooming  dandelions

Simple ways to weed your lawn and prevent future weeds

What’s worse than lawn weeds? Weeds that keep coming back, of course! Just one dandelion plant can produce as many as 15,000 seeds, each one capable of maturing into a full-grown plant. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for winning the battle against lawn weeds once and for all. DO: Identify your weeds. No single…

Lawned garden

Our best tips for successful lawn installation

Unlike growing grass from seed, laying sod gives you a head start on the lawn of your dreams. You can have a lush, green yard in a matter of days. Proper preparation and installation are key to getting professional-looking results. Here are some of our best tips for installing your lawn successfully. Preparation Time it…


Fertilize your lawn like a pro

About now, your turf probably needs some extra nourishment to stay healthy. Fertilizer boosts your soil’s nutrients, ensuring your lawn has enough energy for the entire growing season. Fertilizer also reduces weeds, promotes new leaf and root growth, and helps your lawn recover from any pest damage or heavy foot traffic. Feed your hungry turf…

Time to Mulch

Spring Mulching 101

Mulching your landscape makes your entire yard look more perfectly manicured. Many people don’t realize it’s not simply pleasing to the eye. Mulch can considerably improve the health of landscape plants if laid properly. Here are some mulching basics. Rock, rubber, fabric or wood? Mulches fall into either the inorganic or organic category. Inorganic mulches…

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