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grass and soil

Mudslides and flooding and drought … oh my!

Why sod is nature’s best weather buffer Healthy sod may just be the solution to many of today’s headline-making environmental issues. Turf does more than beautify your yard. From flooding to drought, air pollution to water pollution, sod works hard to guard against any number of problems. Floods: When the water rises, it tends to […]

Couple reading books in a wading pool

Easy ways to transform your backyard into a staycation destination

Extend your summer vacation fun beyond whatever time off your family has from work and school. These days, families are transforming their backyards into staycation destinations. Forget pricey hotels and astronomical amusement park admissions. Invite the gang over for your own brand of excitement. Here are two simple steps for creating your backyard staycation destination: […]

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Easy ways to help your lawn and garden survive summer vacation

It’s time for your much-anticipated summer vacation. But after tending to your yard and plants all spring, will they survive your week-long absence? Relax! Before you finish packing your sunscreen and bathing suit, just take a few minutes to do a little last-minute gardening. By following these simple steps, your lawn and garden may not […]

Spring flood

Soggy sod: Help your turf recover from too much rain.

Minor lawn flooding can help you fix future problems When the water is rising, and your neighbors are using boats instead of cars to fetch supplies, your lawn is probably the last thing on your mind. But eventually, you’ll want to deal with the soggy, muddy mess left by the flooding. All that water can […]