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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Sod

Laying sod is not only the quickest way to a lush green lawn, but it’s also the easiest way. While prepping your yard and laying sod can take the better part of a weekend, it beats waiting weeks, or even months, for grass to grow from seed. That being said, there are a few things…

Here’s your handy February landscaping and gardening checklist

The first seed catalogs are arriving in the mail. Spring is officially getting closer! You may still be hunkered inside but there’s plenty to do in February while you wait for the weather to warm up. Some of these items may be zone-specific. Check with your county extension office or local nursery for advice about specific…

‘Spring’ your lawn out of winter hibernation with these tools

It might only be January, but spring fever is in the air! Garden centers will soon be packed with people. Get a jump on the season by making sure you’ve got everything you need – including the right tools – to make your springtime tasks easier. But first, step outside. Breathe that fresh air, and…

Where to find landscape inspiration

Brainstorming ideas for a perfect landscape can be fun. Inspiration is everywhere! But where do you find the right visuals to share with your spouse, and perhaps your landscaper, to ensure you get the result you want? Here are two websites bursting with photos of interesting designs, plus DIY tips and expert suggestions. Pinterest On…

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