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Spring flood

Soggy sod: Help your turf recover from too much rain.

Minor lawn flooding can help you fix future problems When the water is rising, and your neighbors are using boats instead of cars to fetch supplies, your lawn is probably the last thing on your mind. But eventually, you’ll want to deal with the soggy, muddy mess left by the flooding. All that water can […]

Garden irrigation system

Water-saving tips for California’s drought-stricken lawns

Droughts can be a real drag on all types of plants, but droughts are cyclical and a part of nature. It doesn’t mean you need to rip out your green space for artificial turf, or create sparsely planted hardscapes (which reduce vital play space, create heat islands, and don’t drain and filter as effectively as a […]

Rain Barrel

How to make your own rain catchment system

Making the most of our most natural resource Every drop of water is precious. But it’s not always available. In some areas, drought and growing populations are stressing water supplies. Several cities across the country even offer tax incentives for installing rain collection, or rain catchment, systems. All of this is making this age-old technology […]

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Nurturing Your New Lawn

New lawns are nice and green, here’s how to keep them that way! Here’s a very common new lawn mistake: giving it a honeymoon period. People often think that since new sod is green and free of weeds, they don’t have to maintain it for the first few weeks (much like a new car!) But […]