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Two water sprayers spraying jets of water over lush green garden on sunny day.

Become Your Neighborhood’s Lawn-Watering Guru!

Lawn watering requires some finesse. Too little water can cause your yard to go dormant. And too much moisture can cause fungus and a shallow root system. Here’s how to simplify the process to hit that irrigation sweet spot. Beat the heat. The perfect time to shower the yard is early in the morning. It…

Sunny yard and modern house

Is “brown” in season? How water-wise is your lawn?

Lush, green lawns are a welcome part of summer. Despite what some lawn-shamers might say, by maintaining your yards, you and your neighbors are actually doing something environmentally friendly. In fact, eight average front lawns have the same air cooling effect as about 70 tons of air conditioning*. But there may still be times when…

Morning sunrise in garden

Now’s the time to bring your warm­season grass up for air

Your grass’ roots are like Olympic swimmers. They do most of the work under the surface but need to come up for air to keep going. Aerating warm-season grasses such as Bermuda, Buffalo or St. Augustine lets that happen. Aeration is the process of perforating your soil to get rid of compaction and enable proper…

Boy (2-3) mowing lawn

Lawn mowing made easy

Some lawn pros might have you believe that lawn mowing is a complicated science. A few have even published lengthy explanations of how to do it correctly. In reality, the most difficult part of lawn mowing may be convincing your spouse or teenager to tear themselves away from whatever they’re doing to get it done.…

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