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view of residential home with large green front lawn

Achieving ‘grow’-in-the-dark grass

Growing grass in shady sections of a yard is a problem almost every homeowner faces. In fact, about 20 to 25 percent of all grassy areas in the U.S. are at least partially shaded. Even the most tolerant turfgrass needs a minimum of four hours of sunlight daily to survive, but there are steps you…

Family playing football in backyard

Here’s why we’re thankful for turf

Picture this: It’s Thanksgiving Day. You and your family have been working all day on dinner, and it’s finally in the oven. You head outside with your relatives and kids and start up a game of touch football on your lush, maintained lawn. It’s Thanksgiving, after all; football is almost synonymous with the holiday. The…

Girl trick or treating

Goblins and witches might be scary, but dethatching your lawn is not

October belongs to ghosts, goblins and other creepy things. Thankfully, dethatching your lawn is almost frighteningly easy. What is thatch? Thatch is a loose layer of living and dead shoots, stems and roots that can compile between the grass and the soil surface. This can happen when your lawn produces organic debris faster than it…

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Overseeding is the anti-aging secret for cool-season lawns

Lawns may not wrinkle over time, but older turf can show its age by getting a little sparse. Here’s a practically foolproof anti-aging secret for cool-season lawns: overseeding. This one simple step – spreading seed over your existing lawn – can help restore your yard to a thicker, healthier state. How overseeding keeps your grass…

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