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The cost of sod installation varies based on the size of your lawn, the sod variety and location. Calculate your estimate based on square footage. Check out our HARMONY SOD CALCULATOR. All installations require a minimum purchase of 1 pallet. Pallets range from 400-600 sqft, but you may use 500 sqft per pallet for your own calculation. Add 10% contingency for waste associated with cuts around landscape beds, sidewalks, driveways, etc. 

Discounts up to 50 percent for larger projects are available and installations cost as range from $0.18 per sqft to $0.65 per sqft; (based on your location). For smaller projects costs are higher. Contact us for pricing. Total costs include sod, delivery, installation, scraps and pallets removed…plus a one year warranty!

As part of the sod installation we provide professional project management the day of the installation. Our local service provider will arrive with the sod shipment, walk the property with you, install your sod, clean up and remove debris and pallets. Walk the property with you upon completion and answer questions you may have.

Use our HARMONY SOD CALCULATOR to determine how much sod you need.



Start Your Engines. Make sure your mower is ready for actionl Oil change, spark plugs, blade sharpened, and don’t forget the gas.

Spring Cleaning. Remove any dead grass and debris to allow airflow and sunlight to work their magic on your grass.

Set Up for Success. Apply a pre-treatment fo prevent weeds from germinating and reduce crabgrass

A Need for Feed. Fertilizing helps rejuvenate your lawn leaving it healthy, green and thick.

Quick Fix. Repair light bare or bald areas in no time flat with Harmony SOD. Available by the piece from your favorite lawn improvement center.


Easy Does It. Raise your mower blades to prevent over-mowing. Taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and discourages weeds

Set Your Alarm. Water in the morning. between 6 and 10 am, tolose less water from evaporation

Keep Those Clippings. Mulch grass clippings to feed your lawn and keep moisture levels steady

Moderation is Key. Scheduled feeding times are an easy way to add nutrients to your lawn without over-fertilizing, which can “burn” your yard


Low and Mow. Cut your lawn 1 to 2″ shorter than summer heights. Shorter grass prevents matting it down under leaves and snow Continue Watering In cooler weather, your lawn still needs about 1″ of water per week

Tidy Is Key. Leaves on the lawn block sunlight and trap moisture. Rake often or try a mulching mower to keep your grass clear of debris

Fall Feeding. This is the best time to feed your lawn and help it through winter. When summer arrives, your lawn will be ready to shine

Fill and Chill. Repair unsightly bare areas with Harmony Sod. Available by the piece from your favorite home improvement store.


Clear the Way. Anything left on the grass during cold weather can create dead spots in your lawn. Remove debris and store seasonal furniture and toys.

Keep off the Lawn. Steer clear from walking on dormant lawns to avoid making unsightly paths and worn spots.

Ice Breaker. Using salton icy areas can damage your lawn and garden. Use instead salt-free and pet-safe alternatives

Breathe Easy. Aerate your lawn before the snow flies to encourage air circulation

Skipped Feeding in Fall? I you didn’t fertilize in the fall, apply a winter or late season feed to strengthen your lawn.


Sketch out the area where sod will be installed, draw squares, rectangles, triangles or circles.

Measure each area.

Use the HARMONY’S sod calculator to figure out how much sod you need, it will also calculate a 10% extra for cutting around landscape.

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