Healthy Lawn Tips: KABB - San Antonio, TX

Tom Crespin of Harmony Brands joins Daytime at 9 to discuss how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape even through heavy rain and storms. 


Green Up Your Lawn!: WBTV - Charlotte, NC

Harmony grass expert, Landon Ray, weighs in on the best ways to keep your lawn green and lush. 


Choosing the Best Turfgrass Variety: WAGA - Atlanta, GA

Jutt Howard from Harmony Brands explains how to choose the best grass variety for your area. With Harmony, it's as simple as choosing Home, Play, or Shade. Jutt also highlights a new drought-tolerant grass variety while revealing tips on weeds, mowing and watering.


Warm-Season Lawn Care: KQCA - Sacramento, CA

Harmony's own "Sod Father," Doug Berard tackles common lawn care questions about warm-season grasses including best type of grass for your region, how low to mow and how much you need to water your lawn. 


Easy Lawn Care Tips: WJLA - Washington DC

Great lawn care tips from Harmony's own Charles Harris. Charles speaks specifically to the "cool grass" issues facing homeowners in the Washington DC metro area. (Hint: Overwatering is not the answer!) If you live in the eastern VA, DC or Maryland markets, be sure to take notes on how to keep your lawn looking great this summer.


How to Grow a Fantastic Lawn: WBTV - Charlotte, NC

Harmony's Charles Harris shares valuable lawn tips on WBTV in Charlotte.


Tips on Choosing the Right Turfgrass Variety: WFXT - Southwest Florida

Harmony's own Jonathan Brown reminds us of the psychological and environmental benefits of healthy lawns. Jonathan also mentions some great tips and resources when finding the best grass variety for your area.


A Healthy Lawn is Good for You!: WGCL - Atlanta, GA

Jutt Howard from Harmony Outdoor Brands discusses the many personal health and environmental benefits of having a beautiful lawn. From supplying oxygen to providing play space for physical activity, Jutt outlines the steps to keep a yard healthy, vibrant and green.


The Best Lawn Care Products for Fall: WBAL - Baltimore

Harmony's Al Hunter shares valuable tips on Balitmore's WBAL for properly fertilizing your lawn for the winter season. Having the right amount of potassium is key, as well as treating and overseeding.


Tips for a Great Lawn This Fall: WBFF - Baltimore, MD

Harmony expert Al Hunter joins FOX 5 news in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss how to keep your lawn healthy this fall season. These tips are great for those with cool season grass varieties


Time To Winterize!: WDAF - Kansas City, MO

Harmony grass guru Charles Harris discusses the importance of winterizing your lawn. Charles provides tips on fertilizing, raking and installing sod. He also highlights that a potassium rich fertilizer is key to keeping your lawn healthy throughout the colder winter months. 


Easy Tips for a Great Summer Lawn: WKCF - Orlando, FL

Dave Thorne from Harmony provides great insight into watering, pesticides and choosing the best warm season grass variety.


How Much Do You Need To Water?: WISN - Milwaukee, WI

Roger Blair from Harmony Brands provides useful tips for keeping your lawn green. Roger also discusses a great DIY water gauge to help regulate your water usage.


Keep Your Lawn Green!: KABB - San Antonio, TX

Harmony expert Tom Crespin provides tips for maintaining a green and healthy lawn. His advice covers many topics including weed control, mowing height, appropriate watering and thatch remedies. 


How to Achieve a Green and Lush Lawn: KVUE - Austin, TX

Harmony's lawn expert Tom Crespin reveals the secrets to maintaining and beautiful lush lawn, rain or shine! Tom also presents the Harmony technique for choosing the best grass variety which allows for a simple decision of Home, Shade or Play.