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On your mark, get set … GROW!

If installing new turf grass is on your 2016 gardening agenda, it’s smart to get a head start. Proper site and soil preparation, before you do any planting, will make it easier for new grass to establish itself. You’ll get a healthier, more trouble-free lawn. Don’t procrastinate until spring when the urge to see “instant green”…

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Watering Tips for New Sod and Established Lawns

Could your lawn be actually drowning? While most of us are concerned about not watering our lawns enough, more lawns are damaged or destroyed by over-watering than under-watering. The right amount of water will determine your lawn’s overall health, beauty, and ability to withstand use and drought. Here are some of our best watering tips…

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How to Tell If You Are Buying Healthy Sod for Your New Lawn

There are many types of sod varieties and many sod, or “turf”, growers. So if you are planning on buying and/or installing a new lawn, it helps to have a basic understanding of the characteristics that healthy sod exhibits, (as well as those features displayed by unhealthy grass Keep in mind that healthy sod exhibits…

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