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Spring Mulching 101

Mulching your landscape makes your entire yard look more perfectly manicured. Many people don’t realize it’s not simply pleasing to the eye. Mulch can considerably improve the health of landscape plants if laid properly. Here are some mulching basics. Rock, rubber, fabric or wood? Mulches fall into either the inorganic or organic category. Inorganic mulches…

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Spring Mulching Made Simple

Mulching Adds Beauty and Prevents Moisture Loss In Florida, spring is the time to mulch. It replenishes the earth, it protects plants from water loss due to evaporation and it complements the landscape through the use of color and texture. But the questions I’m most frequently asked this time of year are which mulch to…

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To Bag or Not To Bag? – The Ultimate Mowing Question

Tips from Buck’s Backyard When it comes to lawn health… mulching matters! A question I get asked constantly is “Should I bag my grass clippings or let them lay (mulching) on my lawn?” and the answer from me is simple… “Let them lay!” Do not rake or bag your grass clippings if you have a…

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