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Grasscycling Your Lawn Can Save You Time (and Fertilizer)

It’s time to stop cleaning out your lawn mower’s grass catcher. Not only does it add time to your lawn mowing duties, but it may even be counterproductive to maintaining a healthy lawn. There’s even a fancy name for leaving grass clippings on the lawn: grasscycling. Grasscycling is good for your lawn and the environment.…

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Lawn mowing made easy

Some lawn pros might have you believe that lawn mowing is a complicated science. A few have even published lengthy explanations of how to do it correctly. In reality, the most difficult part of lawn mowing may be convincing your spouse or teenager to tear themselves away from whatever they’re doing to get it done.…

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To Bag or Not To Bag? – The Ultimate Mowing Question

Tips from Buck’s Backyard When it comes to lawn health… mulching matters! A question I get asked constantly is “Should I bag my grass clippings or let them lay (mulching) on my lawn?” and the answer from me is simple… “Let them lay!” Do not rake or bag your grass clippings if you have a…

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