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How do lawn pests survive winter?

Tips from Buck’s Backyard Identifying and dealing with cold hardy bugs Insects survive winter in various ways: Some fill their body with glycerol (antifreeze), some slow their metabolism down just high enough to survive a term called diapause. Some as eggs, some as larvae and a lot of adult insects spend the cold winter months…

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Identifying Water Stress on Florida Landscape Plants

Helpful Tips from Buck’s Backyard Know your seasons and keep a watchful eye Water stress on our landscape plants can be damaging here in Florida. Water stress is usually caused by not enough water to our landscape. This usually happens during our dry season starting in February and lasting until the rains come in June.…

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Tips for Protecting Your Florida Lawn & Plants

How to Avoid Freeze Damage to Your Landscaping Helpful Lawn Advice from Buck’s Backyard Winter is finally upon us — nothing like they have been experiencing in the North East, but still conditions that can have extreme effects on our lawn and landscape. Several factors can and will affect your lawn and landscape during cold…

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