Comprehensive Lawn Care Services Made Easy!

With Harmony Care you can rest easy, knowing your lawn will receive regularly scheduled treatment, by service professionals trained right at the farm! In fact, we refer to our service techs as “Professional Growers” since they come equipped with knowledge gleaned from onsite training at the nation’s top sod farms.

Harmony Care Total Lawn Program

This total approach to your lawn’s health covers three aspects vital to its continued growth…


Identification and elimination of invasive weeds and damaging insects such as chinch bugs, fire ants, white flies, crab grass, sedges, and dollar weeds.


Ongoing maintenance to stop re-infestation and prevent development of diseases such as fungus, brown patch, gray leaf spot and other seasonal threats.


Customized nutritional and fertilization programs tailored to the exact needs of your lawn, with regular inspection for drought, wear and stress.

New! Harmony 360 Total Perimeter Plan

Harmony Indoor Pest Control

Harmony 360 provides a comprehensive approach to pest control by treating for pests inside your home, and then building an outdoor barrier to prevent them from re-entering.

Harmony 360 provides for complete pest control… inside and out! We begin by fully inspecting and treating the interior of your home to rid your premises of unwanted roaches, ants, fleas and termites. Then we identify and seal any entryways the pests have established to enter your home. Last of all, we set baits and build a perimeter to keep the pests out of your home. Our goal is to build a protective barrier around your home and yard in oder to use the least amount of insecticides possible. We focus on prevention first and treatment second. While insects belong in nature, they don’t belong in your home. To find out more about our Harmony 360 program, just click here.

Other Lawn Care Services

In addition to our regular, ongoing maintenance programs, we also offer one time, spot treatments to deal with specific issues affecting your lawn and landscape. These services include…

Landscape Services:

Tree & Shrub Program – Inspection, treatment for pests and custom fertilization

Initial Sod Application – Fungicide, insecticide, & root stimulate for new lawns

Fall Over Seeding – Custom application of select seed varieties to keep your lawn green

Fire Ant Treatment – Identification and elimination of fire ants and their mounds

Pest Control & Treatment:

White Flies – Treatment and preventative care to stop these destructive pests

Fleas & Ticks – Treatment and elimination to provide a safer lawn for children & pets

Snail Treatment – Inspection and treatment for snails

Consultations – Development of customized care and treatment plans for homeowners with extensive lawns and landscapes

Whatever your lawn, tree/shrub or landscape needs, Harmony Care can provide a treatment program to keep them healthy, vibrant and growing. Call us today at (941) 840-1491 or fill out our contact request form. We’ll be in touch shortly to assist you in any way possible.