Purpose & Principles

Encouraging a Healthy Outdoor Living Environment

At Harmony, our goal is to enhance and restore a sense of balance, satisfaction and enjoyment in the lives of our customers through a better outdoor living experience. We pursue this mission on a number of levels…

  • By encouraging a more active outdoor lifestyle
  • By developing products in tune with our environment
  • By working in concert with like-minded organizations that share our values
  • By simplifying the care and maintenance of healthy outdoor living spaces

106542869Strengthening the bonds between families, communities and organizations requires the right setting. Harmony is committed to creating healthy environments that encourage active growth, cooperation and understanding.

Just as the human body requires the proper amount of care and nutrition, healthy lawns and outdoor living environments require knowledge and expertise to remain vibrant. By training and certifying our Professional Growers and Installers in industry best practices, we ensure that your living space receives the care it deserves. This way you can spend your free time enjoying your lawn vs. investing hours maintaining it. By minimizing the physical and technical requirements while maximizing the activity and enjoyment, we strive to increase the quality and standard of America’s outdoor living experience.