Lawn Watering Tips

Water early — between 4-8 AM

• Never water during the heat of the day. It’s a waste of water because it evaporates in the sun.
• Don’t water at night, it could cause fungus and diseases.


Grow your grass longer

• Longer grass means deeper roots.
• It keeps the soil cooler and needs less water.
• Keeping it longer strengthens the roots, helping them to pull more water from deep in the soil.


Mulch your grass

• Slows evaporation.
• Grass clippings hydrate your lawn and adds nutrients to the soil.


Sharpen Mower Blades

• A sharp blade makes a cleaner cut, and the grass heals faster.
• A dull blade tears the grass leaf and causes more stress to your lawn.


Dormancy is OK

• Dormancy happens when it’s not watered regularly, it’s the lawn reacting to dryer conditions. Most grass varieties are very resilient and bounce back quickly.
NEW VARIETIES of grass stay green longer and use less water.


Bermuda Grass: The best drought-resistant grass for dry summers

• Bermuda grass, known for dense, dark green blades, is touted as the most drought-resistant warm-season grass. APPROVED by many water districts. As a low water user, it only needs one to 1.25 inches of water weekly from rainfall or irrigation to stay green.
• Have it delivered right to your home. Visit the Pro or service desk and save up to 50% with home delivery.

Follow your municipalities irrigation schedule guidelines