Home Depot Associate: Instructions for Placing a SOD Install Order


From the home page, select myView and login using store associate credentials.

Store Associates call #972 for questions for customer service team at QuoteCenter that works with stores on order questions and other troubleshooting.


Once logged in, select Quote Center.


Select New List to begin a new quote for a customer.

Optional STEP:

Click Select Customer after New List.

Optional 4:

Use the search bar to type Harmony Sod.

Optional 5:

Select the product by variety.

Optional 6:

Enter the quantity of the selected product. The Bulk Pricing Discount is automatically applied and is listed below the quantity.

Optional 7:

Add the desired quantity to the List.

Optional 7A:

STEP 7A: Select installation included.

Optional 8:

Once the list is completed, select Send to eSVS to export this listing to eSVS and complete the purchase.