Harmony Play

Resilient Grass For Active Areasplay

Do you live an active outdoor lifestyle? Then Harmony Play was created with you in mind. Noted for its durability, Harmony Play shares many of the same high quality characteristics of the other Harmony varieties, e.g. drought tolerance, disease resistance, and efficient use of fertilizers. It has the added benefit of withstanding higher foot traffic. So if you enjoy throwing a Frisbee, running with your pets, or tossing a ball in your yard, this is the grass for your home lawn. Our commitment is to continually research and improve our grass varieties to provide the most suitable, sustainable and beneficial turfgrasses to better enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.

  • The grass for active, outdoor living
  • Great durability for higher use areas
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Chinch bug resistant
  • Eco-friendly - requires one third less fertilization


Harmony Play is available in both Lowe's and The Home Depot as well as leading home and garden centers. To find out how much sod you need for your home, use our easy sod calculator. Need to order some Harmony Turfgrass? Our store locator will provide the nearest store and phone number for easy reference. Have a question about your lawn or sod installation project? Just ask one of our pros or search our blog post for frequently asked questions.