How to Deal with Winter Weeds in Florida

Helpful Advice from Buck’s Backyard Consistent Maintenance Can Prevent a Growing Problem Now that winter is here, your lawn and landscape are not growing as much, and losing some of their color. This is not a problem — the lawn is semi dormant or just “sleepy” — which is normal. What is a problem are the…

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Winter Lawn Care Tips for Florida

aphids on grass

Aphids and Chinch Bugs and Brown Patch… Oh My! Helpful Lawn Advice from Buck’s Backyard   Winter is upon us although you would not know it with all the above normal temperatures we are experiencing. This brings on several conditions associated with your lawn and landscape that we do not normally have to combat this…

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Five Top Winter Lawn Care Tips

Many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief when winter is nigh, because it means a few months off from weekly lawn care. While the need for frequent mowing is eliminated by winter’s first frost, it is important to take steps to care for your lawn during the colder months. If you want a beautiful lawn…

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