4 Lawn Care Resolutions for the New Year

Helpful Advice from Buck’s Backyard Steps You Can Take Now to Improve Your Lawn & Enhance Your Landscaping   Just like the holidays come and go, Spring will be here before you know it. By following the four tips below, you’ll be sure to have a greener, happier New Year! 1) Irrigation Now is the…

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Tips for Protecting Your Florida Palm Trees

How to Properly Care for Your Most Valuable Plants Helpful Advice from Buck’s Backyard Palms are a very important part of our Florida landscape. Every time you see a Florida TV commercial or advertisement, the background typically has a palm tree in it. They are everywhere you look, homes, schools, businesses. As important as they…

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Tips for Protecting Your Florida Lawn & Plants

How to Avoid Freeze Damage to Your Landscaping Helpful Lawn Advice from Buck’s Backyard Winter is finally upon us — nothing like they have been experiencing in the North East, but still conditions that can have extreme effects on our lawn and landscape. Several factors can and will affect your lawn and landscape during cold…

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4 Steps to Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Taking the right steps now can help avoid costly problems later We’d do well to remember a few of our grade school science class experiments when it comes to lawn care. One of those is the effects that freezing temperatures have on water, especially water sitting in enclosed spaces such as hoses, pipes and sprinkler…

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Winter Lawn Care Tips for Florida

aphids on grass

Aphids and Chinch Bugs and Brown Patch… Oh My! Helpful Lawn Advice from Buck’s Backyard   Winter is upon us although you would not know it with all the above normal temperatures we are experiencing. This brings on several conditions associated with your lawn and landscape that we do not normally have to combat this…

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How to Lay Sod – A Practical Guide to Installing a New Lawn

Laying sod grass for a new lawn

Whether you’re starting a brand new lawn or struggling to repair an existing one, installing fresh sod (or turf grass as it’s sometimes called) is often the best solution for a great looking yard. The more traditional method of starting from grass seed is less expensive, but it takes longer for seed to grow and…

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