California Turfgrass


Harmony Turfgrass Varieties

Harmony turfgrass varieties are carefully cultivated by certified sod growers throughout the nation. Many of our growers represent multi-generational farms with years of agricultural expertise and industry knowledge. What's more, each variety of Harmony turfgrass (eg Home, Shade and Play) is custom matched based on the regional climate and type of usage. The grass varieties for this state are listed below. 


Harmony Home

Home Bluegrass

Home Bluegrass isn’t blue at all, but rather dark green. It is known for its medium leaf texture and overall leaf uniformity. Home Bluegrass is also versatile: adapting to cooler climates and greening up easily with water after being exposed to heat or drought. From roughhousing children and dogs to garden parties, Home Bluegrass is sturdy enough to recover effortlessly from heavy traffic. It thrives in sunny areas, and does best in soil that has plenty of drainage.


Harmony Home

Home Fescue  

Home Fescue’s fine grass blades grow upright, creating a uniform blanket of rich deep green turf. It grows rapidly, is relatively shade tolerant, and handles cold and hot weather well. It can even go dormant in the summer if there’s no water available. Another great thing about Home Fescue is that it doesn’t develop thatch, so you cross off dethatching from your home maintenance list. Home Fescue’s moderate hardiness makes it play-resistant, but avoid exposing it to severe injuries.


Harmony Play

Play Bermuda

Play Bermuda has soft, yet resilient deep-green leaves. It forms a dense low-growing lawn that is exceptionally tolerant to traffic. Because it recovers quickly, it is considered an ideal turf for active families with children and pets. Extremely heat- and drought-tolerant, Play Bermuda thrives on sunshine. It does not do as well in shady areas. Play Bermuda is relatively slow growing and has minimal thatch build up, so you might never need to have it dethatched.


Harmony Shade

Shade St. Augustine

Shade St. Augustine is a fast-growing, robust turf that quickly forms a light-to-medium green lawn. Its coarse leaves have a creeping growing pattern, spreading side-to-side. Shade St. Augustine is known as a reliable lawn. It thrives in heat and withstands winter temperatures. It’s also resistant to a typical family’s outdoor activities. You’ll have plenty of time for backyard fun, because Shade St. Augustine requires only low-to-moderate maintenance.