Selling Your Home? Let’s Check Your Curb Appeal

Buyers look at many aspects of a home before making an offer- just as you did when you bought the home you are now reselling. It’s time to step back and take a good look at your entire property from across the street. “Curb Appeal” means not only new paint and windows but includes your lawn and landscaping too.

Your Lawn Says A lot About Your Home

A realtor will give you a list of what to improve before putting your home on the market, but one of the easiest projects, and one you can do yourself, is upgrading your lawn and landscaping. Is your lawn green? Are there brown or yellow patches around the yard? Are there bare spots where grass has worn away from wear or insect infestation? Take a nice stroll around the house and make an assessment. There are some easy tricks which will get your lawn up to selling speed.

Grass Plugs

One Tray of Harmony Sod Plugs

Grass plugs are generally available at your local home improvement stores. Here are some quick tips on utilizing these amazing little tufts of green.

  • Your local home improvement store will carry the grass variety that is commonly grown in your area- so you won’t have to guess!
  • Start early-give the grass plugs approximately 2 months to become established.
  • Plant the new plugs within 72 hours of purchase!
  • For brown and/or yellow patches: gently dig up the affected grass and determine if the discoloration is from pet waste or insects. When you pull up the grass and the roots are missing you most likely have grubs or some kind of insect infestation. For large infestations you will need to treat the entire lawn.

There is nothing you can do about pet stains except to pick up and water in as soon as you can.  Clean out the grass and level the soil. 

  • Worn spots: Clean out the grass and level the soil.
  • Place some new lawn soil in the cleaned areas, water down and dig a 3” hole for the plug.
  • Place plugs approximately 8” apart.
  • Water thoroughly upon installation and then resume standard watering practices.
  • Do not mow your new plugs for the first 30 days.


For larger areas needing a facelift, sod is the perfect solution.  Visit your local home improvement store for the sod you require. You can easily dig up the old, tired grass and follow the steps above for the plugs:

Clean out the old grass, level the soil, add some new, nutrient-filled soil, water in and lay the pieces of sod.  Tamp  the sod down for  good contact with the soil.  If you are placing multiple pieces of sod make sure the pieces butt up against each other. Water 2-3 times per day for 14 days and then continue with your normal watering schedule. Avoid cutting the newly laid sod for 2-4 weeks to make sure roots are well established.

Create Interest…Add Value

If your lawn needs a total renovation it is still  affordable and can add up to 15% to your home’s value. The curb appeal of your home is the first

hook into a prospective buyer’s desire to learn more about the features inside  your home. A total lawn installation should only take a few days with the help of a professional landscaper. A beautiful, lush, green yard will increase the attractiveness of your home to new buyers and very possibly your profit.

You will be surprised at how  these lawn patching/replacing  ideas will make your home look fabulous. Follow the tips above and start as soon as possible. Good luck patching and selling!