These simple fall lawn care steps will reward you next spring

Late August/early September is the best time to prepare your yard for spring. These easy steps will also give you and your family a good excuse to be outdoors enjoying the cool, crisp weather.

  • Make sure your soil is fertile. Most home improvement centers carry soil tests. Adding amendments now will help your fertilizer work well and last longer. Testing now will also give you plenty of time to tweak adjustments before the peak growing season.
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    Laying sod in the early fall will give it time to acclimate for winter.

    Sod any areas in need of repair. Laying new turf now gives it plenty of time to acclimate before winter arrives. Harmony’s high-quality, nature-friendly grass varieties, available at Lowe’s and Home Depot, make it easy to choose the right turf.

  • Feed your lawn a nutritious meal. Fertilizing nourishes your lawn and improves soil quality. When it warms up again next spring, your lawn will have the reserves it needs to become lush and green.   
  • Give it some air! Aerating your lawn stimulates root growth, increase oxygen to the soil, and decreases water run-off. Warm-season grass folks can do their aerating as early as August. Those who are tending to cool-season grass should wait for the temperatures to begin to cool, but make sure your lawn has about 45 days to recover before the first cold snap hits.
  • Banish any weeds. Weeds’ root systems are not as active this time of year, making them more vulnerable to herbicides. The best approach is to spot treat the bigger weeds, then continue to follow a 12-month lawn care schedule. Healthy turf equals fewer weeds.
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    Aerating your lawn stimulates root growth while providing needed oxygen and filtration for the health of the lawn.

    Soothe a stressed lawn with water. Well-hydrated lawns are less likely to be damaged by winter weather. Using a water-wise irrigation system can help prevent thirsty turf. Remember: You typically only need 1” of water a week. If you are in a drought-stricken area, be sure to follow our water-saving tips and guidelines to ease water-related stress.

  • Prepare for a yard filled with spring color. It’s time to plant your favorite spring-flowering bulbs including tulips, hyacinth, crocus and daffodils.

With just a little TLC, your lawn will be ready for change of seasons. And it will reward your efforts next spring by emerging even greener and healthier.