April is National Lawn Care Month!

Here’s how to show your lawn a little love

April is National Lawn Care Month. It’s a good time to remember one of our favorite mottos: “Be kind to your lawn, and your lawn will be kind to you.”

Outdoor lawn fun

A healthy green lawn makes for a healthier outdoor lifestyle. Having green space reduces stress and noise while providing play and recreational opportunities.

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (smart people who know about these things), the most common reason that we love our yards is because we find them relaxing. Almost half of us also believe that maintaining a good-looking yard demonstrates that we are proud of our homes. Those of us with children are more likely to view the yard as a place where the whole family can interact, and where the kids can play. Bottom line: our yards are important to us.

With winter finally making an exit, spring is a time when many people tune up their mowers and consult their handy lawn care schedule. Now that we’ve entered the growing season, you’ll want to test your soil to determine which nutrients, if any, need to be added. You can pick up an inexpensive soil test kit at your local garden center.

Once you have the soil test results, select a fertilizer (if necessary) that nourishes and is designed for your specific grass species. Follow instructions carefully. Using too much may actually harm your lawn. Be sure to clean up any overspray that lands on your driveway or sidewalk so that it doesn’t get washed into local waterways.


Spend a little time caring for your lawn and it will give back in many ways… better filtration, breakdown of pollutants, safer playing surface, etc. After all, lawns are for living.

Now that it’s warmer, it is also time to inspect your irrigation system. Ensure that all sprinkler heads are working properly, and make any needed adjustments to where they are spraying. There’s no need to waste resources by watering the driveway.

As the temperatures continue to rise, you’ll be thankful to have a healthy lawn. Yards act like air conditioners for the surrounding areas. One estimate is that lawns are as much as 22 degrees cooler than urban asphalt areas. That equates to a much more pleasant atmosphere for outdoor play and dining.

So if you want to have a kinder, more welcoming environment, just give your lawn a little love this month.