PGA Tour Player Will Wilcox Endorses Harmony Turfgrass

Harmony Brands wants everyone to get outside and enjoy their lawns. Some people take that advice to a professional level. We are proud to once again sponsor PGA Tour Player Will Wilcox. Wilcox is as committed to an active, outdoor living lifestyle as we are, which is why we have supported his career since 2011. And as a professional golfer, he certainly knows a thing or two about the benefits of healthy turf.

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PGA Tour Player Will Wilcox sports the Harmony logo as he plays the greens.

Those who maintain golf courses must know a lot about keeping turf in good condition. Green, healthy fairways are aesthetically pleasing. To stay that way, they must withstand foot- and golf-cart traffic, countless divots, plus the diseases, insects, weather and other concerns that homeowners face with their own lawns.

While you’ll never host a pro-am tournament in your back yard, there are some best practices followed by golf courses around the world that apply to your own lawn maintenance.

Golf course turf experts know that …

  • Healthy turf starts by selecting the right turf variety. Homeowners have an advantage here. All you need to remember is “Harmony”. We’ve developed different turfs for different regions of the country. When you order Harmony, you will automatically get the turf best suited for your specific growing zone and watering conditions.
  • It’s smart to start with a disease-resistant grass species. Golf courses may be susceptible to different diseases than your lawn, but this is still good advice. Harmony gives you the peace of mind knowing that your turf is less prone to the diseases that typically might show up around your neighborhood.
  • For a root system that thrives, control thatch and perform core aeration. We’ve created a month-by-month lawn care guide that tells you exactly when you might need to de-thatch and aerate.
  • It’s important to follow a proper irrigation schedule. This may include moisture-free periods to reduce fungal infections. More lawns across America are damaged by over-watering than under-watering. We’ve taken much of the guesswork out watering your lawn with our easy irrigation tips.
  • Keeping grass height short minimizes golf-related “wounds”.  You may not have golf divots in your yard, but you might have kids and pets. Even so, here’s where your lawn maintenance differs from that of golf courses. Golf courses use very sophisticated mowers to safely cut grass short without damaging the leaves. In general, you should never cut more than one-third of your grass leaves at one time. Keep your mower in good working condition, and sharpen its blade at least once a year to ensure that you’re getting clean cuts. Use Harmony Play turf which is cultivated to withstand kids, pets and other high-traffic fun.

Wilcox plays on some of the best turf in the country on the tour. You can have some of the best turf in your neighborhood with Harmony.