Got cabin fever? Now’s the time to prepare your lawn for spring.

Once the sunny weather finally arrives, you’ll want your lawn to be ready for outdoor family fun. Getting to that point is actually pretty simple. Here are the basics.

  1. Lawn raking

    Start your spring cleaning with a good raking. Getting up wet leaves allows your lawn to “breathe” and get sunlight. It also helps prevent mildew.

    Get rid of the wet stuff. Clear out dead grass and leaves, twigs and any other debris that has been hiding beneath the snow, or accumulated from winter rains. Think of this as an outdoor version of spring cleaning.

  2. Conduct a soil test. No white lab coat required. Just buy a kit at your lawn and garden store, collect a sample, and follow the instructions to determine what additional nutrients your soil might need. Your grass is only as good as the soil beneath it, and you’ll want time to establish the nutrients before the growing season starts. Call your county extension office if you have questions. These offices are staffed by local agriculture professionals.
  3. Treat any mold and mildew issues. Having a lot of snow, then a thaw, then more re-freezing, is just the type of environment that causes mold- and mildew-causing fungus spores to thrive. Consult your county extension agent for help with identifying and managing any fungi in your lawn.
  4. Sod rolls

    Repair any damaged areas of the lawn. You can find sod pieces (by the section or by the roll) at most national home improvement stores

    Cover up any bare spots. Cut out and replace areas damaged by winter weather with new sod. You can buy it in squares or rolls at your home improvement store. Harmony Turf will blend in nicely year after year.

  5. Get your lawnmower out of storage. Make sure it has fresh oil and fuel, and that the blade is sharpened. Clean the deck if necessary. You can start mowing when your grass is about three inches high. Be sure to leave the clippings. They’ll help to recycle nutrients.
happy family on lawn

Rally the troops! Now’s the best time to get everyone outside to prepare the lawn for summer time fun

This spring, when your neighbors cruise by your home slowly to admire your lawn, be sure to smile and wave. Share this website or our Facebook page with them. Next year, your entire block might be the envy of your town.