How to Deal with Winter Weeds in Florida

Chickweed is one of the more common broadleaf weeds

Chickweed is one of the more common broadleaf weeds

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Consistent Maintenance Can Prevent a Growing Problem

Now that winter is here, your lawn and landscape are not growing as much, and losing some of their color. This is not a problem — the lawn is semi dormant or just “sleepy” — which is normal. What is a problem are the winter weeds. These weeds are very aggressive and grow at a rapid pace because they like the cooler weather. This is also normal, however, these weeds can grow, mature and go to seed in a very short time.

Since the frequency of mowing comes to a screeching halt (lawns can actually go almost three weeks before the next mowing) the weeds take full advantage of this opportunity. The weeds are typically broadleaf, and when they grow, it looks like the lawn is heavily infested. It looks worse than it actually is, but the problem is that without the mowing, the weeds grow to maturity and drop their seeds. We will treat them as aggressively as we can, but the best weed control no matter what time of year it is, is mowing.

Narrow leaved hawk's-beard is another aggressive broadleaf weed seen in southern yards.

Narrow leaved hawk’s-beard is another aggressive broadleaf weed seen in southern yards.

Contributing to the issue is the fact that most landscapers do not lower their mowers in the winter and keep them at the same height. Again this poses a problem because when they mow, their mowers do not even touch the weeds. My suggestion is have your landscaper lower their mowers by an inch or. If you do it yourself, you can lower the mower. This still should not scalp you lawn, but it will cut the seed heads down off the weeds. This is an effective way to control the weed issue during the winter and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Buck Moon serves as the Certified Pest Control Operator for Harmony Care. In this role, he supervises field personnelBuck Moon and ensures all operations proceed in a safe and effective manner. He writes regularly on best practices for maintaining a healthy vibrant lawn in his home state of Florida.

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  1. Brian Vanblargan on February 12, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Brown patch fungus everywhere this time of the year what can we do for control