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April is National Lawn Care Month!

Here’s how to show your lawn a little love April is National Lawn Care Month. It’s a good time to remember one of our favorite mottos: “Be kind to your lawn, and your lawn will be kind to you.” According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (smart people who know about these things), the…

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To Weed or Not to Weed — That is the Question!

Advice from Buck’s Backyard Weeds Are Not Always the “Bad Guys” It’s Spring! The birds are singing, the air is warm and the grass is green and growing… but so are the weeds. I am constantly asked how to control weeds. According to the Florida Lawn Handbook weeds are defined simply as an unwanted plant…

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To Bag or Not To Bag? – The Ultimate Mowing Question

Tips from Buck’s Backyard When it comes to lawn health… mulching matters! A question I get asked constantly is “Should I bag my grass clippings or let them lay (mulching) on my lawn?” and the answer from me is simple… “Let them lay!” Do not rake or bag your grass clippings if you have a…

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