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Easy Steps to Restore that Bare Spot in Your Lawn

Bare spots in your lawn can seem to appear out of nowhere. They’re hard on the eyes, and unless repaired, they may continue to grow. The good news is it’s easy to restore that bare spot so that it’s not even noticeable. But before you can repair, you first need to determine its cause. If…

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Transform your yard into a healthy ecosystem

Nurturing your outdoor space does more than create a pleasant family environment. It also helps maintain the health of our planet. Everything from beneficial insects to birds, butterflies and other wildlife depends on one another. Your turf plays an important part in this healthy ecosystem. Plus, staying in sync with nature will actually make gardening…

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New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Lawn

Six Easy Steps for Maintaining a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Lawn care doesn’t have to be complicated. By selecting premium Harmony Turfgrass, you’ve already simplified the process. This year, spend more of your time enjoying your yard and less time maintaining it. Warm Season Grass Resolutions I WILL keep my lawn free of leaves, pine…

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