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Armyworms in Lawns

Advice From Buck’s Backyard How to Identify and Control This Aggressive Pest Just the name – Armyworms – makes you think of a bunch of creatures in formation marching and chomping your lawn and plants. It’s not far from the truth! They are called Army worms for a reason. When they are finished in one…

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To Weed or Not to Weed — That is the Question!

Advice from Buck’s Backyard Weeds Are Not Always the “Bad Guys” It’s Spring! The birds are singing, the air is warm and the grass is green and growing… but so are the weeds. I am constantly asked how to control weeds. According to the Florida Lawn Handbook weeds are defined simply as an unwanted plant…

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Spring Mulching Made Simple

Mulching Adds Beauty and Prevents Moisture Loss In Florida, spring is the time to mulch. It replenishes the earth, it protects plants from water loss due to evaporation and it complements the landscape through the use of color and texture. But the questions I’m most frequently asked this time of year are which mulch to…

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