Growing Better Through Innovation

Harmony Turfgrass was born from a desire to create a premium sod grass brand, one that conformed to the geographic needs of each region of the U.S., and one that measured up to industry best practices. After years of planning and research, the new company was formed in 2010 by Bethel Farms, one of the nation’s leading sod growers with over 50 years of agricultural expertise.

Harmony turfgrass sod delivery

Harmony sod is now available in all 48 states through the major home improvement retailers.

To make the sod buying experience more intuitive, Harmony grasses were further categorized by their intended usage… Home, Play and Shade. The idea proved popular with homeowners faced with confusing and conflicting information on grass varieties, usage, fertilization and installation. With Harmony on the label, the consumer would instantly know that the sod was ideally suited for their specific growing zone and watering conditions. Harmony Home was tailored for general usage. The Harmony Play variety was selected for high-use recreational areas. Harmony Shade was chosen for those low light areas near buildings and trees.

Harmony was first made available to homeowners in Florida. Within a matter of months, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas were added to the list. By 2012, Harmony Turfgrass had national distribution in Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart. Soon after introduction, a Harmony installation program was introduced to provide professional sod installation.

As consumers became acquainted with the quality of Harmony Turfgrass, they began asking for the same level of lawn care. In 2011, HarmonyCare was formed, to provide “farm-to-lawn” expertise in growing and maintaining a healthy lawn.

The family of Harmony brands, from quality turfgrass and installation to premium care and maintenance, combine to offer consumers a better outdoor living experience.