Harmony Care – Treat

One of Three Ways Harmony Care Protects Your Lawn

Your lawn represents one of your most valuable home assets. It not only improves curb appeal and home value, it also allows for healthy play and recreational space. Protecting that investment means treating it wisely, preventing future problems, and nurturing it properly. Harmony Care provides all three levels of protection.

Treatment – Eliminating Harmful Bugs & Invasive Weeds

lawncare service treatment in FloridaA healthy lawn needs a supportive environment. Harmony Care will identify and treat for any harmful and invasive weeds and insects. By reducing the amount of weeds, more resources are naturally available for the growth of your grass. The same holds true for unwanted pests. By identifying and treating destructive pests, Harmony Care will provide a healthier ecosystem for your grass, keeping the blades fuller and the root system in tact. In addition, Harmony Care utilizes the efficient treatment methods, thereby minimizing environmental impact. It’s part of our commitment to improving the quality of your outdoor living environment.

Getting Started – How to Enjoy a Life of Harmony

If you are looking for professional lawn care, backed by knowledgable growers with years of experience, the we invite you to submit a no obligation estimate request. One of our Personal Growers will then contact you to provide a custom quote based on your needs. Meanwhile be sure to join our community of Harmony customers, read through our helpful blog posts and ask a question to one of our experts.