Harmony 360™ – Perimeter Plan

Total Care & Protection – Indoors and Out!

Harmony Care is proud to announce a comprehensive service plan to simplify your life and enhance your peace of mind – Harmony 360. This perimeter plan establishes a barrier around your home and lawn to guard against invasive bugs and insects. Our overarching goal is twofold — prevention and treatment. It’s all part of the Harmony philosophy of utilizing the latest and most effective tools to stop invasive pests before they enter your home, and creating a treatment program to rid your home of unwelcome ants, fleas,  cockroaches and termites. By keeping bugs where they belong, we work to keep everything in Harmony!

Forming the perimeter… keeping bugs where they belong

A Harmony Care representative will perform a careful inspection of both the inside and outside of your home to create a custom treatment plan.

By combining what we know about outdoor pest control, we are able to identify problems before they enter your home. We then combine that knowledge with our certified indoor pest control training. Our team has years of collective expertise in dealing with pests… from the ones in the fields on the farm, to the ones in the walls of your home. We want what you do, an environment free from destructive, invasive and potentially dangerous pests. We believe that every insect has its place in nature, but not in your sink. So that’s why we’re committed to control first and treatment second.

Step One: Inspection and Planning

We begin with a total home inspection, both inside and outside the home. This does not mean we start spraying insecticides in your home. We first take the fight outside to the pests. We look for entryways and food sources that attract and draw them into the home.  We seal cracks and crevices to block entry, we trim plants that are touching the home providing a pathway directly to your house, we identify leaky pipes and faucets that provide water sources to the pests.

Step Two: Prevention and Treatment

By locating food and water sources, many pests infestations can be prevented and eliminated.

After identifying the pest issue(s) we will formulate a custom pest management program.  We set baits outside in beds and the perimeter of your home. We use insecticides that attach to the insect called “the transfer effect,” where the insect takes it back to his home and thus eliminates the colony. We knock down the wasp nests and spider webs. We locate the trailing ants and follow them, taking us to their home. Only after exhausting all manual and prevention methods, do we begin with treatment. To rid existing infestations,  insecticides are going to have to be used in the home. These typically include…

  • Black ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Dry Wood Termites
  • Subterranean Termites
  • Cockroaches (German, American, Oriental, etc.)

Even then, we only use EPA approved insecticides in the home. We take every precaution needed to ensure the safety and health of our customers and their pets. When the insect in the home is under control we will not have to enter the home again. Only if the customer requests it. All pest management from then on will be outside the home.

Step Three: Monitoring Inside and Out

Florida indoor pest control

Ongoing monitoring ensures that pests are identified and dealt with from both outside and inside the home. Our aim is to keep your home pest free.

The best advantage of this program is it is combined with our Harmony Care LTS (Lawn, Tree and Shrub) program. Our certified technicians are crossed trained in both indoor and outdoor programs. You only now have to make one phone call, or send one e-mail to our office for both services. And as always Harmony Care will respond ASAP and take care of whatever issue that you have concerning your lawn or your home. Be assured Harmony Care is always looking for effective, innovative and environmentally responsible ways to provide the services you need to live safely and securely. We focus on state-of-the-art methods, including but not limited to, organic, biological and environmentally safe products to keep the pest controlled and managed.

For information about the Harmony Care 360 Perimeter Plan, just call us at 941-840-1491 or fill out the form and we’ll happily provide an estimate for your review.

Have a unique pest problem? Harmony Care has treatment plans for wasp, mice, rats, birds, bats, and other unwelcome “guests.” Just call or email and we’ll provide a custom quote to treat your specific needs.